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The Port Fairy Golf Club Members Newsletter

President's Report
Some current newsworthy items include:
(a) The recent marriage of our trainee professional.
On behalf of all members may I extend our best wishes to the new Mr and Mrs Warburton.

(b) One of our long standing and loyal grounds staff, Mr Bob Dwyer, has indicated that he will finish up towards the end of 2008.
The Committee recently advertised for a course maintenance employee position; 32 applications were received.
From a very high quality of five short-listed candidates, Mr Neil Lowe was appointed. Neil commenced work on Monday 21st July 2008.

(c) Our operations Manager, Trevor Brown, is on leave for 3 weeks taking a well deserved break; committee members will endeavour to provide a replacement staffing roster- some patience from members may be required!

(d) Work has commenced on the new cart shed following the issue of both planning and building permits by the Moyne Shire.

(e) Work is expected to commence shortly to upgrade the women's change room and toilet facilities.

(f) The Club successfully applied for a $2,000 grant to assist with revegetation in areas of the course.
In conjunction and consultation with D.S.& E, overseas students from the USA and Canada have assisted us in plantings near the 7th and 10th tees; the area to the north of the 180 meter mark on the 18th fairway and the "hill" near the 5th green.
These students are attending university courses and come to Australia under an International Students Volunteer scheme.
It is anticipated that this partnership with D.S.& E. will be on-going with other volunteer groups, under D.S.& E. supervision, assisting in further re-vegetation activities.

(g) Our tractor has had a reasonably significant "overhaul".

Whats in a Name?
All members will be aware of the price increases in fuel.
This, together with increases in interest rates, has had an effect on visitor numbers in the South West.
It would be very optimistic to assume that there will be no detrimental effect on the number of our green fee players.
With this is mind, the Committee is looking to gain more publicity about our course improvements, especially the 'new' 8th and 5th holes and seek to further capitilise on our unique sea-side location.
As a marketing initiative it has been suggested that we link future publicity with a new marketing logo- "Port Fairy Golf Club- Belfast Links".
This would be for marketing purposes only

This would be for marketing purposes only - in a sense, it is a ploy to try and create a sense of newness and re-emphasise our links course. It is not a change of name for the club and will only be for advertising/magazine and promotional articles we hope to generate. To further explain the rationale for this initiative to members, there will be an informal information night held at the club on 31st July 2008, commencing at 7pm.

May I also take this opportunity to wish Anthony and Rachel all the best of health and happiness for the future.

There will be a Titleist /Cobra fitting day (one hour fits by appointment only) on Saturday 11th October. Fits are between 10am and 3pm and an appointment must be booked.

Junior clinic participation numbers remain low over these winter months. However Anthony and I continue to offer the Sunday clinics each week for those keen to attend.

Despite the challenging and character building weather, we continue to unearth Belfast bandits that have had some really good results and reduced their handicaps.
Included in this group would be: Dot Hughes (30 to 27); Geraldine Dalton (35 to 33) Kaye Patterson (45 to 41); Betty Brian (29 to 27); Jan Willey (30 to 27); Pam Brebner (26 to 23); Karen Conlan (25 to 23); Kadir Zehir(12 to 10); John Balderstone (28 to 25); Bruce Leichman (17 to 15); Daryl Gavin (22 to 20); Ralf Ludeman (25 to 23); Neil Lowe (18 to 16); Norm Preston(20 to 18); Joanna Flaherty (31to 28); Michael Andersen (34 to 32 then 32 to 27)) Mark Jenkins (14 to 12); Aub Lake (14 to 12 then 12 to 10); Leon Cook (23 to 21); Helen Bacon (32 to 21); Peter Chamberlan (15 to 13);Tony Ryan (22 to 20 ) and Sally McIlroy (34 to 32).
Congratulations to all member who have reduced their handicaps.


FAIRY TALES - The Port Fairy Golf Club Members Newsletter - May 2008

President's Report
In our current budget, provision has been made for:
(a) Replacement of faulty roofing above the bar.(Completed)

(b) Refurbishment of toilets and toilet floor tiles in the women's toilet area.

(c) An upgrade of the BBQ shed surrounds.

(d) An extension of our automatic watering system to the 16th hole.

(e) Replacement of the roof over the large water tank adjacent to the greenkeeper's shed.(Completed)

(f) Removal of trees at the rear of the 8th green. This was a requirement of the Moyne Shire Council and involved liaison with D.S.E., that also approved the removal of non native and dead trees adjacent to the 9th. tee and fairway. (Completed)

(g) Upgrade of the 5th hole. (This will complete the 10 year programme of Mike Clayton's design for the course).

Thanks to the house sub-committee and Ron Key, John Ellard and Eddie Hoy for their help in painting fences and decks around the club house. This effort has really lifted the appearance of the club as it is approached from the car park.

Green fee numbers have been solid, but increasing fixed costs such as fuel and fertiliser are going to make it difficult to achieve more than a "break even" outcome for our operating year.

Our bore water has been very salty - we have increased the frequency of our sampling to assist in monitoring this situation.

Results of the member survey indicate that there are sufficient numbers interested in using a proposed new cart shed (on a "user pays" basis) to proceed with the pursuit of relevant Building Permits from the Moyne Council and D.S.E.

In April, Paul Smith completed his first 12 months as our Golf Professional. Thanks to both he and his wife and business partner, Tracy, for their welcome contribution to the high standard and continuing recognition and success of our Golf Club and golf course.
Alan Rasmussen

From the Pro-Shop
Anthony Warburton has competed solidly in his compulsory tournament events with mid-field placings ( which equates to 4 or 5 shots 'off- the pace').
This is especially impressive, given that most of the tournaments are in metropolitan areas and Anthony has not previously played on these courses.

CONGRATULATIONS to Anthony who recently announced his engagement to Rachel Sullivan (of Hamilton).

Welcome to Alex Store as a new member of the Pro Shop staff.

If you haven't had a chance, check out the pro-shops website - it can be accessed via a link from the Club's website at www.proshop.portfairygolf.com.au.

Tony Eccles (55626349) and George Sheen (55687380), our volunteers co-ordinators, wish to thank those that have helped our club thus far this year.
Whilst many of these activities may be during working hours, (such as the watering of trees by Billy Leddin and Don Pevitt), members who may not be able to help out during this time can still assist during special event times, for example, clearing of tables after functions.
One of the current projects being undertaken is the rewiring of our perimeter fences. Already completed are the fences along the practice fairway and at the rear of the 8th. green.
Tony and George would love to hear from you!

Women's Committee
The Committee is seeking any items of golf club "memorabilia'- be it photographs, newspaper articles, trophies etc. These can be left with any committee member; the aim is to have a "display" by June 2008.

New Golfers
Commencing at 9am on the first Tuesday in each month Paul has a Coaching Clinic for beginner golfers; while on the first Friday of the month Paul runs a clinic for golfers wanting to improve their game. The cost of this clinic is $10
The New Golfers Group has generated 34 current members of the club. Some of them have represented the club in pennant and have held, or currently hold, positions on committees and sub committees of the Club.
This is a gentle non-threatening way to try golf. Why not suggest to your beginner friends that they try the Tuesdays New Golfers group as an introduction to the ancient game of golf.
Further information about new golfer activities contact Beryl Duncan on 5565 8436

Operational Manager's Mutterings
The club welcomes two new businesses willing to redeem our trophy vouchers;
Leahy's Retravision (Warrnambool) and Decked out on Bank (Port Fairy)
Please consider these businesses when using that hard won trophy.

Members are reminded that the clubs trophy vouchers can also be used as a credit toward your next years membership or as a credit account for bar purchases. Please note that pro shop credit / trophy vouchers can only be used at Paul Smiths Pro Shop.

The club has purchased a 'pitch repairer' for each and every member. Please ask Paul or Anthony for one. I'm sure that once you and the rest of your foursome own one each there will be a contest as to who can repair the best pug mark!

Whilst on the topic of course etiquette and care, members who operate motorized vehicles are reminded of the guidelines for use as set out on page 11 of the 2008 program book. These guidelines have been placed in our hire carts for both members and visitors information. However it has been reported that some members with private vehicles appear not to have availed themselves of the correct procedures.

Due to the increasing costs of operations, the competition fees have recently been increased by 50c for all competitions. I am sure any increase is undesirable; however the Committee has attempted to keep increases to a minimum whilst continuing to develop and maintain our facility.

A thank you to all who helped prepare the club rooms for the recent 'Historical Societies Pioneers Dinner'. The presentation showed our facility off as a very good venue whilst the catering staff of Nick Strapp, Dionne Goyen and staff supplied a meal of the highest quality.

"Belfast Bandits"
"Belfast Bandits" who slipped under the handicappers guard include; John Ellard on 5 January from 24 to 21
Dylan O'Keffe on 16 January from 7 to 5
Bryan Thomas on 23 January from 34 to 31
Peter Chamberlain on 30 January from 16 to 14
Tony Hoy on 2 February from 28 to 25
Edna Halliwell on 7 February from 27 to 25
Ian Abrahams on 9 February from 26 to 24
Helen Dwyer on the 14 February from 43 to 35
Joan Young on 16 February from 32 to 30
On 21 February, Loris Richardson went from 27 to 25 and Helen Bacon from 25 to 23.
On 27 February, Glenn Smith and Ross Manniche both had a plus 8 round and went from 18 to 16 while Ralph Ludeman had a plus 7 and dropped from 27 to 25.
On 1 March, Kerry Hutchins moved from 27 to 23, David Brown from 24 to 22 and Tania Dalton from 16 to 14.
Isabel Pitman on 6 March from 35 to 33
Marlene Hoy on 6 March from 43 to 40
Warren Roney on 19 March from 32 to 29
Brendan Knapper on 21 March from 18 to 15.

Full details of Club News, Programme Booklet, Events and Course information can be obtained from our website.



FAIRY TALES - The Port Fairy Golf Club Members Newsletter - January 2008

Port Fairy - A Top Course
The January 2008 edition of one of Australia's most prestigious, best selling golf magazines, "Golf Australia" features "AUSTRALIA'S 50 BEST COURSES 2008" and Port Fairy has done it again - but even better - improving from 44th to 42nd best course in the nation in 2008!
The top 50 are an impressive list of courses with only three western Victorian courses included in this year's ranking: Thirteenth Beach, Barwon Heads and Port Fairy.
This is a remarkable achievement for our club and thanks go to the staff and members who work hard to keep the course in such good condition.

The President's Report
Last week, your newly elected committee held its first meeting. As expected, the enthusiasm to maintain the standards of our club has not abated and the participation and involvement shown by all the committee leaves no doubt that we can look forward to another good year of golfing in 2008.
One of the very pleasing outcomes for the start of this year was the approval of twenty applications for membership. Even more pleasing was the fact that eight of the new members are juniors, the future not only of our Club, but of the game of golf.
However green fees were down for the second consecutive month when compared to 2006 (November 2006 $18,167; November 2007 $15,505). The buoyant reward from green fees of 2006/2007 may be difficult to replicate again and the Committee will have to monitor this closely.
Many thanks to all members who have assisted in many ways over the past year and we look forward to others joining in to lighten the load and at the same time enjoy the achievement of contributing to your Club.
On behalf of the staff and committee, may I wish you all the best for the festive season and we look forward to catching up with you, on and off our magnificent golf course.
Alan Rasmussen

From the Committee
A sub-committee has been formed to look at the possibility of building a new shed to house golf buggies and carts. This will be a long term project-the evaluation study will, of necessity, be a complex task.
Budgets will be framed at the February 2008 meeting. In the last 12 months, major capital items included the renovations to the bar and the purchase of a second hand greens coring machine. A major expense this coming year may be a replacement greens mower; alternatives to the antiquated internal telephone system are also being evaluated and plumbing advice is that a new roof is required for the Club house, following extensive leaks during heavy rain in November.

From the Pro-Shop
Good news from the pro-shop - Anthony will be with us in 2008. He has completed the "theory component" of his course and now only needs to complete the "practical component" which involves successfully completing actual rounds of golf (but with very good scores!)
If you haven't had a chance, check out the pro-shops website - it can be accessed via a link from the Club's website at www.PortFairyGolf.com.au</A>.
Paul and Tracey wish all members and their families a happy and healthy 2008. They would like to thank members for welcoming them to the Club and making their re-establishment such a happy experience.

Moyneyana 27 Hole Event
This new event will be conducted on Saturday 26th January 2008. It will be a 27 hole event (but an 18 hole event will also be available for those not wishing to play the extra 9 holes). Entry fee will be $20 this includes a BBQ lunch. Further information is being generated and the entry form may be downloaded from the club website.
The event will be publicised as part of the Moyneyana Festival.

Women's Golf
The follow members have been elected to the Women's Committee for 2008: President: Annette Learmonth; Vice-President: Anne Eccles; Captain: Kate Stuchbery; Vice-Captain: Barbara Mahony; Secretary: Jill Rasmussen; Handicapper: Merle Rantall;
Committee: Barbara Madden; Geraldine Dalton; Lesley Hamilton; Pam Brebner (new); Kaye Patterson (new).

Women's Pennant
The first practice session for Women's Pennant 2008 will be held on the 26th February commencing at 9.30am. Di Robinson will again organise the pennant teams. If you are interested in playing pennant golf please put you name on the list on the notice board in the Women's Locker room or call Di on 55671078 for further information.

Junior Golf
It was pleasing to note that 8 juniors nominated for membership. These were Jack Sharples, Peppe Cavalieri, Lily Shepard, Will Shepard, Lochlan Green, Jacob Ngawati and Ashley Johnstone. Please continue to make them all very welcome.
New junior Dylon Field blitzed the oldies and won his first club event on 1st December 2007 - 101 gross; 68 net. Well done Dylon.

Tony Eccles (55626349), assisted by new Committee member George Sheen (55687380), are co-ordinating those members able to assist the Club, on a regular or ad-hoc basis by volunteering their time to assist in projects around the Club. As an example, newly planted she-oaks are manually watered once a week. Please contact Tony and /or George if you can help - as with water conservation "every little bit helps"

Rules of Golf
The 2008 edition of the Rules of Golf is available in the clubhouse now. There are a number of changes, effective from 1 January 2008, that may affect players in some circumstances.

New Golfers
The New Golfers Group will meet for lunch at the Lady Bay Hotel at 12.30 pm on Friday 11 January. There will be no organised golf in January.
The 2008 season will commence on 5th February. Beginning at 9 am with a coaching lesson from the Profession Paul Smith, a 9 hole competition will follow at 10 am. Further information about new golfer activities contact Beryl Duncan on 55658436.

"Belfast Bandits"
Luke Dwyer not only broke his handicap recently he also managed a Hole-in-One on the par 3 fourth hole on Saturday 1st December. Special mentions to Joan Young, who dropped 12 shots after a 52 stableford point round and to Alec Rochfort who dropped 4 shots in a month, both have recently bought new clubs from Paul.
The list of "Belfast Bandits" include;
Joan Young on 20/12 from 45 to 33
Clive Gavin on 5/12 from 20 to 18
Terry Hadden on 24/11 from 16 to 14
Neil O'Malley on 10/11 from 15 to 12
Alan Rasmussen on 10/11 from 25 to 23
Robert Rowley on 10/11 from 35 to 33
Dot Grimshaw on 10/11 from 26 to 24
Greg Creek on 7/11 from 11 to 9
Peter Smith on 7/11 from 16 to 14
Hank Moritz on 7/11 from 22 to 20
Luke Dwyer on 24/10 from 22 to 20
Ralph Ludeman on 24/10 from 28 to 26
Brad Hewett on 27/10 from 30 to 27
Bert McNicoll on 27/10 from 21 to 19
Allen Sheils on 27/10 from 15 to 13
Paul Hay on 27/10 from 21 to 19

From The Greenkeepers
Even better news from the greens staff - the newly appointed Club mascot, Rioli, continues to thrive under the strict training regime imposed upon him by all ground staff (except his owner). Rioli wishes members all the best for 2008 and suggests that they keep an ear out for the "Roars" as 2008 unfolds.


FAIRY TALES - The Port Fairy Golf Club Members Newsletter - October 2007


Many thanks to all those involved with:
(a) Up-grade of the bar area.
(b) The re-furbishment of the garden area and the new fence to the east of the practice nets.
(c) The installation of the new water tank to the west of the cart shed.
(d) The removal of the bushes from the 7th and 10th tees.
(e) The extension of the automatic watering system, which will save both time and water, on the 14th hole.
Some reminders:
(a) The property to the north of the 9th hole is private property and all golfers should respect this and not pursue stray golf balls that have "wandered" off course.
(b) Whilst on the subject of "wandering golf balls" all golfers should note that there is a need to be wary of snakes that are now coming out of hibernation and will be more prevalent as summer approaches.
Some Congratulations:
To Paul and Tracey, may your stay in your new residence at Koroit be a long and happy time - we are sure you will enjoy this move.
Some Dates To Set Aside:
Wednesday 10th October - Veteran's Cumper-Leishman Day
Thursday 1st November is Guest Day for women. This is a change from the publicised date of 11th October.
Tuesday 6th November - Melbourne Cup Day
Friday 9th November - Presentation Night 6.30 pm
Thursday 15th November Women's Closing Day / Annual meeting and presentations.
Tuesday 20th November Annual General Meeting.

There is to be a trial of using a fixed course rating for women during the next 12 months.
"As from the 1st October 2007 a CCR will not apply for all Women's golf events and the AWCR will apply for the next twelve months as a Trial. The Buffer zone of 2 strokes will still apply to handicaps".
Port Fairy has an AWCR of 71. If you have any questions, please contact Handicapper Pam Baker or one of the Match Committee.

Our juniors have been busy playing in the Stuart Appleby Primary and Secondary schools events. Two of our teams have won through to the Stuart Appleby team championships to be held in Melbourne in December. Three of our juniors, Nelson Williams, Joanna Flaherty and Grace Linke won through to the Primary schools finals held at Gisborne; whilst Daniel Jones will be playing in the Secondary schools final to be held at Rosanna in October

Dylan O'Keeffe did exceptionally well at the 42nd National Left Handed Championships in Queensland last week.
Playing in a field of 180 left handed men, women and juniors from all over Australia, Dylan finished third in the overall nett event and thirteenth in the overall scratch event. Dylan who was the only player sponsored by the Victorian Left Handed Golf Association said the highlight of his week was winning the nett event at Beewah golf course last Tuesday where he shot 75-10-65 and finished third in the scratch event. His handicap will now be eight for the first time -congratulations Dylan!

Forthcoming events for the Social Club:
SUNDAY 28th October (11.30 for a 12 noon start) is a Pro Sponsored Day and the 3rd and final Round of the Social Shield/Stroke
This is also the date for the Social Club AGM. (Anyone interested in standing for the Committee? Please see any of the Committee if you are willing to be part of the organising group for social events.) Tea will be at The Stump.
SUNDAY 25th November Visit to the GRANGE at Stawell. This event is normally a bus trip. However many of the members are going for the weekend, playing golf at Halls Gap on the Saturday then going on to the Grange for the event on the Sunday. Names for a bus must be in ASAP, as it will depend on numbers whether we hire a bus or not!
SUNDAY 9th December is the POST OFFICE TURKEY DAY starting at 12 noon.
This event will be a MIXED AMBROSE this year. So start planning to ensure you have a partner!

Michael Lazzaro is an 18 year old golfer from Warrnambool, who has recently started working in the Port Fairy Pro shop. He plays off a handicap of six and has aspirations to one day become a professional golfer or a golf coach. Michael is currently studying at Victoria University for a bachelor's degree in Sport and Recreation. He travels to Melbourne every week during the semester to attend classes aimed at improving his knowledge and skills. He hopes that working at the golf course will help improve his game. He plans to intermit his studies next year to work on his game.
We would all like to wish Anthony best wishes as he approaches the final phase of his course and training.

These golfers have slipped under the handicapper's guard, BUT they've now been caught! This especially applies to Ian and Marlene - well done!
Kate Stuchbery on 6/9 from 25 to 23;
Anne Eccles on 30 /8 from 32 to 29;
Kevin Haberfied on the 19/9 from 33 to 31; Ian Abrahams on 1/8 from 31 to 26;
Luke Dwyer on 25/7 from 25 to 23;
Lena Hammond on 22/9 from 31 to 29;
Phil Laird on 22/9 from 22 to 19;
Trevor Shaw on 15/9 from 19 to 17.
Marlene Hoy on 8/9 from 45 to 40;
Leon Cook on 21/9 from 28 to 26.
Dylan O'Keefe on 2/10 from 10 to 8

Full details of Club News, Programme Booklet, Events and Course information can be obtained from our website at www.PortFairyGolf.com.au


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