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RESULTS for 11 - 14 FEBRUARY 2009

Saturday 14 February. Par.
CCR 70. 141 Players.
A. Daryl Squires (9) +7 from Steve Engelhart (12) +6.
B. David Steer (20) +6 from John Dean (14) +5 on count back.
C. Maurice McNamara (24) +6 on count back from Mick Gleeson (22) +5.
Women: Mandy King (26) +7 from Jenny Chittick (26) +4.
Nearest the Pin: 4th David Goldstraw. 8th Fiona Robertson. 11th Dale Cook. 15th Neil Cahill. 13th (2nd shot) Leo Carey. 18th (3rd shot) Paul Williams.
Superpin: Peter Smith.
Eagles Nest: Don Pevitt 3rd.
Ball Comp. to +3. 

Pro Comp. Wednesday 11 February. Stableford
CCR. 71. 85 Players.
Winner: Paul Smith (2) 40 pts on count back from Glenn McDuff (33) 40 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th. Gerard Lynch (Hole in One). 11th. Hank Moritz. Superpin: Gerard Lynch.
Ball Comp. to 36pts. 

Veterans. Wednesday 11 February. Stableford.
CCR. 71. 44 Players.
55 to 65: Phil du Guesclin (34) 38 pts from Rod Coutts (16) 36 pts on count back.
66+: Len Byron (21) 38 pts from Kevin Garton (23) 38 pts.
OBE: Ron King (22) 35 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Bill Leddin. 8th Kevin Garton. 11th Hank Moritz. 15th Len Byron.  

Matchplay Championships. Saturday 14 February.
A. D. O'Keefe def T Allen; T. Richardson def P. Ross; R. McCosh def R. Grady; X. McCartney def N. Williams.
B. B. Waixel def P. Fisher; G. Robertson def L. Carey; B. Crispe def W. Jenkins; G. Smith def D. Allely.
C. N. Grimshaw w/o M. McNamara; P. Laird def A. Rasmussen; A. Finnigan def J. Dwyer; J. Gavin def L. Cook. 

Twilight Corporate Cup. Round 4. Friday 13 February.
Port Fairy Sports and Toys def Dennington Shop and Post Office 2.5 to 1.5.
B.A. Building Services def Southwest Restumpers 2.5 to 1.5.
Port Fairy Electric def Port Fairy IGA 3 to 1.
Best Nett: E. McLaren 35 pts. 

Chicken Runs
Wednesday 11 February:
Phil du Guesclin 19 pts.
Friday 13 February: Wally Robertson 23 pts. 

Coming events

Thursday 19 February: Pro Comp.
Saturday 21 February: Stroke.
Saturday 21 February: 3rd Round Matchplay Championships.
R. McCosh v D. O'Keefe; X. McCartney v T. Richardson.
B: G. Smith v B. Crispe; G. Robertson v B. Waixel
C: N. Grimshaw v J. Gavin; A. Finnigan v P. Laird
Sunday 22 February: VGA Four Ball Qualifying 7.30am.
Wednesday 25 February: Pro Comp.
Thursday 26 February: Women's Opening Day. 3BBB. 9 holes in - 9 holes out. 8.30am for 9am. Afternoon Tea.
Saturday 28 February: Par. Final Matchplay Championships.
Sunday 1 March: Stuart Appleby Regional Series. 11am. 


RESULTS for 4 - 8 FEBRUARY 2009

Saturday 7 February. Stroke. CCMM. Match Play Championship Qualifying Round
CCR 73. 111 Players.
A. Tony Allen 73 (4) 69 from Greg Creek 78 (7) 71.
B. Garry Lindsay 85 (17) 68 from Peter Fisher 88 (19) 69.
C. Brad Hewitt 89 (22) 67 from Peter Holcombe 106 (33) 73.
Women: Beryl Duncan 99 (23) 76.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Robbie McCosh. 8th Nick Robinson. 11th Michael Andersen. 15th Wayne Jenkins. 13th (2nd shot) Warwick Taylor. 18th (3rd shot) Warwick Taylor.
Superpin: Nick Robinson. Ball Comp. to 75 Nett. 

Pro Comp. Wednesday 4 February. Stableford.
CCR 70. 85 Players.
Winner: Derek Southey (12) 44 from Dale Cook (6) 41 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Eddie Hoy. 11th Peter Meade. Superpin: Eddie Hoy. Ball Comp to 38 pts. 

Social Club 'Tri Shield'. Sunday 8 February
Portland and Heywood visit to Port Fairy. 68 Players.
Winners - Portland:
Men: Justin Hoggan 37 pts. from Kevin Rivett 36 pts.
Women: Lauren Armistead 40 pts from Ros Brooks 37 pts.

Winners - Heywood:
Men: Luke Rogers 40 pts from J. Robinson 38 pts.
Women: Judy De Haas 35 pts from Wendy Rogers 30 pts.

Winners - Port Fairy:
Men: Luke Dwyer 42 pts from Alan Rasmussen 35 pts.
Women: Beryl Duncan 42 pts from Helen Greene 40 pts.

Nearest the Pin: Men: 4th Clint Foster. 11th Luke Rogers. 15th Ken Rivett. Ladies: 4th  Lauren Armistead. 11th Sian Ruis 15th Aileen White. 8th Stump. Allen Shiels.
Tri Shield: Port Fairy won the 'Tri Shield' with an average of 31 pts from Portland 30 pts and Heywood 29 pts. 

Chicken Runs
Wednesday 4 February: Ian Hamilton 21 pts.
Friday 6 February: Beryl Duncan 20 pts. 

Coming events

Thursday 12 February: Pro Comp. Men and Women.
Saturday 14 February: Par.
Saturday 14 February. 2nd Round Match Play Championships.
A: Tony Allen v Dylan O'Keefe; Troy Richardson v Paul Ross
     Robbie McCosh v Rex Grady; Nelson Williams v Xavier Mc Cartney
B: Bernie Waixel v Peter Fisher; Graeme Robertson v Leo Carey
     Wayne Jenkins v Bob Crispe; Des Alleley v Glenn Smith
C: Neville Grimshaw v M. McNamara; Phil Laird v Alan Rasmussen
     A. Finnigan v John Dwyer; L. Cook v J. Gavin
Tuesday 17 February: New Golfers Day.
Wednesday 18 February: Pro Comp. Men and Women.
Thursday 19 February: Pro Comp. Men and Women.
Saturday 21 February: 3rd Round Match Play Championships.
Saturday 21 February: Stroke.
Sunday 22 February: VGA Four Ball Qualifying 7.30am

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