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RESULTS for August 24 to 29, 2011

Saturday 27 August. Stableford.
ACR 72. 122 Players.
Winners: A: Nathan Bant (13) 40 pts from Mark Fincic (12) 38 pts. B. Jimmy Kenna (17) 42 pts from John Boromeo (16) 40 pts. C. Alan Rasmussen (23) 38 pts from Richard Waeny (27) 37 pts.
Women: Lena Hammond (34) 33 pts from Joanna Flaherty (11) 31 pts on count back.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Mark McLaren. 8th Rory Quigley. 11th Rory Quigley. 15th Nathan Bant. 13th (2nd shot) Joe Kenna. 18th (3rd shot) Nathan Bant.
Eagles Nest: Jackpot.
Superpin: Rory Quigley. Ball Comp to 35 pts. 

Wednesday 24 August. Pro Comp. Par.
ACR 72. 73 Players.
Winner: Phil Laird (20) plus 5 from Steven Greenwood (14) plus 2 on count back.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Colin Lang. 11th N. Traill. Superpin: Colin Lang. Ball Comp to square.

Thursday 25 August. Women. Stroke. Star of the West Monthly Medal.
ACR 73. 39 Players.
Winners: A. Helen Wake 94 (21) 73 from Judy Stephens 97 (21) 76. B. Pam Brebner 101 (23) 78 from Judy Austin 100 (22) 78. C. Gail Lowen 108 (31) 77 from Gwyn Taylor 108 (30) 78.
Best gross: Anne Dwyer 85.
Putting: Pam Brebner 30 Judy Stephens 30.
August Monthly Medal: Helen Wake 73 nett. July Monthly Medal Play Off: Barbara Mahony 81 nett.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Anne Dwyer. 8th Helen Wake. 11th Jill Millard. 15th Vi Fenwick.
Ball comp. to 80 nett.

Monday 29 August. Veterans. Stableford.
ACR 72. 25 Players.
Winners: Rod Maher (14) 37 pts from Dereck Southy (13) 36 pts on count back from Clive Gavin (19) 36 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4thLeo Carey. 8th Roger Wake. 11th John Dwyer. 15th Derek Southy.
Ball Comp. to 34 pts on count back.

Chicken Runs

Wednesday 24 August: Peter Nyikos 19 pts.
Friday 26 August: Allen Shiels 21 pts.


RESULTS for 16 to 22 August, 2011

Saturday 20 August. Stableford.
ACR 72. 110 Players.
Winners: A: Geoff Leddin (12) 37 pts from Kevin Leddin (7) 36 pts on count back. B. Andrew Crosby (14) 39 pts from Neil Cahill (18) 38 pts. C. Lindsay Monaghan (25) 42 pts from Ben Williams (29) 41 pts.
Women: Jean Wilson (22) 32 pts on count back from Lena Hammond (34) 32 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Kevin Leddin. 8th Stuart Maconachie. 11th David Brown. 15th Kevin Leddin. 13th (2nd shot) Simon Dowell. 18th (3rd shot) Stuart Maconachie.
Eagles Nest: Jackpot.
Superpin: Stuart Maconachie. Ball Comp to 34 pts.

Wednesday 17 August. Pro Comp. Stableford.
ACR 72. 33 Players.
Winner: Bill Millard (28) 41 pts from Steven Greenwood (14) 35 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Colin Lang. 11th John Jenstonstein.
Superpin: Colin Lang. Ball Comp to 34 pts. 

Thursday 18 August. Women. Stableford. Long and Short Markers Day. 4BBB. 9 Holes.
ACR 73. 22 Players.
Winners: Helen Rix and Pam Brebner 29pts from Helen Rix and Merle Rantall 25 pts.

Tuesday 16 August. New Golfers Day. Stableford. 9 Holes.
Winner: Pauline Penning 15 pts from Wendy Carter 14 pts.

Sunday 21 August. Social Club. Irish Stableford.
Winners: Beryl Duncan, Mark Dwyer, Jill Philippe and Allen Shiels 88 on count back from Helen Rix, Helen Dwyer and Neil Cahill 88.
Nearest the Pin: 11th John Duncan. 15th Lindsay Wilkinson / Anne Dwyer 18th Anne Dwyer.

Monday 22 August. Pro Am. Stroke. Stableford for Amateurs.
ACR 72. 56 Players.
Winner: Trainees: Cameron Aisher (Yarra Bend) 72,72.
Winners: Amateurs: 1st Paul Williams 39 pts on count back from Peter Hermans and John Rahilly. 4th Neil Cahill 37 pts on count back from Mick Dennis. 6th Kevin Johnson 36 pts on count back from Tony Ryan. 8th Ben Williams 35 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Barry Tippett. 8th Peter Redford. 11th Neil Cahill. 15th Nelson Williams.

Chicken Runs

Wednesday 17 August: Neil Cahill 19 pts.
Friday 19 August: Allen Shiels 20 pts.



RESULTS for 10 to 14 August 2011

Saturday 13 August. Par.
ACR 72. 96 Players.
Winners: A. Aub Lake (13) plus 5 from Artie Hauraki (13) plus 4. B. Leon Cook (19) plus 3 on count back from Ross Manniche (19) plus 3. C. Phil Laird (20) plus 5 on count back from Trevor Clarke (31) plus 5.
Women: Edna Halliwell (28) plus 3 from Kate Stutchbery (25) square.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Aub Lake. 8th Craig Gibbs. 11th Kadir Zehir. 15th Robbie McCosh. 13th (2nd shot) Aaron Finnigan. 18th (3rd shot) Trevor Clarke. Superpin: K. Adamson.
Eagles Nest: Peter Smith (12th hole). Ball Comp. to plus 2.

Wednesday 10 August. Pro Comp. Stableford.
ACR 72. 39 Players.
Winners: Leo Carey (15) 38 pts from Mark Jenkins (7) 37 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Trevor Richardson. 11th Rick Wesley. Superpin: Brendan Rix. Ball Comp. to 35 pts.

Thursday 14 August. Women. Par.
ACR 73. 33 Players.
Winners: A. Vi Fenwick plus 3 from Suzanne Napier plus 1. B. Di Grieves minus 1 from Di Gordon minus 2. C. Rosalie Bunge plus 5 from Barbara Madden plus 2.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Beryl Duncan. 8th Jane Thompson. 11th Anne Eccles. 15th Jill Rasmussen.
Tuesday’s Winner: Barbara Mahony.

Lockett Trophy. Teams of 2 Match Play.
Luke Dwyer and Andrew Dwyer defeated Evan McLaren and Tony Eccles 1up.
Kevin Johnson and Bill Millard defeated Ross Manniche and Glen Smith 2 and 1.
Kevin Cameron and Malcolm Habel defeated Adrian Jones and Daryl Squires 1 up
Rex Grady and Mark Jenkins defeated Gavin Nunn and Warwick Taylor.


RESULTS for 2 to 8, August 2011

Saturday 6 August. CCMM Stroke.
ACR 72. 97 Players.
Winners: A. Kevin Johnson 82 (12) 70 on count back from Les Johnson 77 (7) 70. B. Neil Cahill 85 (18) 67 from Rory Quigley 84 (15) 69. C. John O’Sullivan 91 (22) 69 on count back from Anthony Johnson 97 (28) 69. Women: Edna Halliwell 100 (28) 72 from Louise Cameron 98 (25) 73.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Les Johnson. 8th Alan Rasmussen. 11th Chris Roberts. 15th Brendan Rix. 13th (2nd shot) Dylan O’Keefe. 18th (3rd shot) Brendan Rix.
Superpin: Alan Rasmussen.
Eagles Nest: Jackpot. Ball Comp. to 72 Nett.

Wednesday 3 August. Pro Comp. Stableford.
ACR 72. 76 Players.
Winners: Bill Millard (31) 42 pts from Tony Ryan (18) 41.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Rex Grady. 11th Steve Greenwood.
Superpin: Rex Grady. Ball comp to 36 pts.

Thursday 4 August. Women. Stableford. Playoff for Silver Spoon.
ACR 73. 29 Players.
Winners: A. Helen Wake (21) 33 pts from Di Grieves (21) 31 pts. B. Jean Wilson (23) 38 pts deom Helen Rix (28) 36 pts. C. Wendy Starling (43) 38 pts from Barbara Mahony (35) 37 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Judy Thompson. 8th Linda Creek. 11th Wendy Starling. 15th Di Grieves.
Silver Spoon Winner: Anne Eccles (31) 35 pts.

Monday 8 August. Veterans. Stableford.
ACR 72. 20 Players.
Winners: Neil Cahill (18) 39 pts on count back from Hank Moritz (20) 39 pts and Clive Gavin (20) 38 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Hank Moritz. 8th John Nitschke. 11th Neil Cahill. 15th Hank Moritz. Ball Comp to 30 pts.

Tuesday 2 August. New Golfers Day. Stableford.
ACR 73.
Winner: Lorriane Whitty 19pts from Mavis Schrama 16pts. 

Chicken Runs

Wednesday 3 August: Brian Solomon 18 pts.
Friday 5 August: Trevor Shaw 18 pts.

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