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RESULTS for 21 to 26 September 2011

Saturday 24 September. Par.
ACR 72. 108 Players.
Winners: A. Craig Gibbs (10) plus 6 from Chris Johnston (5) plus 5. B. Roger Wake (17) plus 5 from Gary Thomson (16) plus 3. C. Greg Kelly (26) plus 3 on count back from Tony Hoy (22) plus 3.
Women: Jill Phillipe (36) square from Nicky Atkinson (36) square.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Barry West. 8th Kevin Leddin. 11th Peter Smith. 15th Gary Dunn. 13th (2nd shot) Graham King. 18th (3rd shot) Robbie McCosh.
Superpin: Kevin Leddin. Eagles Nest: Jackpot. Ball Comp. to square.

Wednesday 21 September. Pro Comp. Stableford.
ACR 72. 75 Players.
Winners: Peter Chamberlain (14) 44 pts from Josh Donnelly (5) 39 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Derek Southey. 11th Bruce Leishman.
Superpin: Grant Ezzy. Ball Comp. to 35 pts.

Thursday 22 September. Women. AFL Theme Day. Pinehurst.
ACR 73. 40 Players.
Winners: A. T. Dalton and R. Hassell 76and one-eighth from J. Carter and M. Schrama 77 and two-eighths.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Nicky Atkinson. 8th Edna Halliwell. 11th Julie Carter. 15th Denise Harman. Ball comp to 82 and six-eighths.

Friday 23 September. Women. 30 to 45 Markers. Stableford.
ACR 73. 37 Players.
K. McKenzie (43) 48 pts from B. Madden (34) 42 pts on count back.
Nearest the Pin: 8th B. Madden. 11th L.Cole.

Sunday 25 September. Social Club. Stroke, 3rdRound Shield.
ACR 72.
Winners: Women. Merle Rantall nett 70 from Nicky Atkinson on count back.
Winners: Men. Matt Cameron nett 70 from Luke Dwyer nett 71.
Winners: Shield. Merle Rantall and Ian Hamilton
Nearest the Pin: 8th Louise Cameron / Evan McLaren. 11th Helen Greene. 15th Beryl Duncan / Luke Dwyer. 18th Anne Dwyer / John Duncan.

Monday 26 September. Veterans. Stableford.
ACR 72. 27 Players.
Winners: Ian Abrahams (23) 38 pts from Tony Eccles (22) 36 pts and John Dwyer (28) 35 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Rod Maher. 8th John Nitschke. 11th Bill Stewart. 15th Glenn Smith. Ball comp to 31pts.

Chicken Runs

Wednesday 21 September: Neil Cahill 24 pts.
Friday 23 September: Ken Fenwick 17 pts.


RESULTS for 14 to 17 September

Saturday 17 September. 4BBB Stroke.
ACR 72. 127 Players.
Winners: Greg Kelly (27) and Peter McMillian (23) 55nett from Evan McLaren (12) and Chris Roberts (35) 56nett from Ben Williams (25) and Paul Williams (11) 59nett on count back. 
Women: Nicky Atkinson (39) and Jill Phillipe (38) 60nett.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Andrew Dwyer (Hole in One). 8th Ron Hollingsworth. 11th Alec Rochfort. 15th Brian Solomon. 13th (2nd shot) Trevor Richardson. 18th (3rd shot) Brad Hewett.
Eagles Nest: Andrew Dwyert. Superpin: Ron Hollingsworth.

Saturday 17 September. Club Teams Championship. Round 2.

T. Eccles and L. Dwyer 69 nett lost to D. Southey and J. Boromeo 59 nett.
P. Laird and A. Dwyer 64 nett defeated P. Grant and M. Hunt 68 nett.
G. King and N. Williams 70 nett lost to T. Ryan and W. Taylor 69 nett.
Totals after round 2: Captain’s Team 6 ½ to President’s Team 4 ½

Wednesday 14 September. Pro Comp. Stableford.
ACR 72.
Winner: Ron Hollingsworth (17) 39 pts. on count back from Evan McLaren (12) 39 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Evan McLaren. 11th John Nottage. Superpin: Evan McLaren.
Ball Comp to 35 pts. 

Thursday 15 September. Women. Par.
ACR 73. 93 Players.
Winners: A. D. Robertson (10) -1 from D. Grieves (21) -3. B. C. O’Keefe (22) +2 from E. Halliwell (28) -1 on count back. C. K. Miller (39) +3 from J. Carter (33) +2 on count back.
Nearest the Pin: 4th S. Clarke. 8th D. Robinson. 11th E. Ritchie. 15th P. Brebner.
Ball Comp. to -1

Chicken Runs

Wednesday 14 September: Allen Shiels 19 pts.
Friday 16 September: Ken Fenwick 16 pts.


RESULTS for 7 to 12 September 2011

Saturday 10 September. Par.
ACR 72.   77 Players.
Winners: A: Rex Grady (6) +2 from Garry McCosh (12) +1. B. Rory Quigley (15) +4 on count back from James Smith (18) +4. C. Ken Fenwick (20) +4 from David Goldstraw (28) +2 on count back.
Women: Nicky Atkinson (40) -1 from Lena Hammond (34) -2 on count back.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Garry McCosh. 8th Garry McCosh. 11th John O’Sullivan. 15th Joanna Flaherty. 13th (2nd shot) Glen Mahony. 18th (3rd shot) A. Zigor.
Eagles Nest: Jackpot. Superpin: Garry McCosh. Ball Comp to ‘Square’.

Wednesday 7 September. Pro Comp. Stableford.
ACR 72. 70 Players.
Winner: Rod Maher (13) 40 pts. on count back from Kevin Johnson (11) 40 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Gerard Lynch. 11th Alec Rochfort. Superpin: Gerard Lynch.
Ball Comp to 37 pts.

Thursday 8 September. Women. Amenities Day 4BBB – 2 best scores.
ACR 73. 93 Players.
Winners: B. Mahony, D. Moloney and K. Hurlihy 88 pts from R. Hasell, R. Bromell and M. Hoy 86 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th J. Thompson / B. Drake. 8th K. Patterson / A. Creed. 11th V. Fenwick / S. Haylock. 15th M. Anscombe / P. Clark.

Monday 12 September. Veterans Stableford.
ACR 72.   33 Players.
Winners: A: H. Moritz (19) 40 pts. on count back N. Read (20) 40 pts and K. Fenwick (19) 37 pts on count back. B. I. Heard (22) 37 pts. from B. Stewart (27) 36 pts and A. Rochfort (22) 35 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th K. Garton. 8th J. Walters. 11th E. McLaren. 15th A. Rochfort. Eagles Ball Comp A: 33 pts and B: 27 pts count back.

Chicken Runs
Wednesday 7 September: Neil Cahill 20 pts.


RESULTS for 31 August to 3 September 2011

Saturday 3 September. Stroke CCMM.
ACR 72. 115 Players.
Winners: A: Steven Rose 80 (12) 68 from Derek Southey 86 (13) 73. B. Leo Carey 86 (16) 70 on count back from Rod Maher 84 (14) 70 on count back. C. Gerard Cashill 85 (20) 65 from Rod Dunn 98 (32) 66.
Women: Edna Halliwell 96 (28) 68 from Mary Anscombe 103 (32) 71.
Junior: Nelson Williams 75 nett from Joanna Flaherty 78 nett.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Phil Laird. 8th Colin Lang. 11th Gavin Nunn. 15th Craig gibbs. 13th (2nd shot) Warwick Taylor. 18th (3rd shot) Aaron Finnigan.
Eagles Nest: Jackpot. Superpin: Colin Lang. Ball Comp to 74 nett.

Club Teams Challenge
President’s team player first named; Captain’s team player second named.
T. Eccles 83 lost to J. O’Sullivan 73. R. Wake 76 lost to T. Ryan 72. G. King 73 defeated J. Boromeo75. N. Williams drew with A. Rasmussen 75. P. Laird 77 defeated W. Taylor 80. E. McLaren 77 defeated M. Hunt 82. L. Dwyer 78 lost to P. Grant 74. A. Dwyer 75 lost to D. Southey 73. Next round 4BBB Stroke Saturday 17 September.

Wednesday 31 August. Pro Comp. Stableford.
ACR 72. 73 Players.
Winner: Bill Millard (26) 43 pts. from Rod Maher (14) 40 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th John Boromeo. 11th M. Howell.
Superpin: John Boromeo.
Ball Comp to 37 pts.

Thursday 1 September. Women. ‘Beat The Pro’. Stableford.
ACR 73. 40 Players.
Winners: A. Jane Thompson (18) 35 pts from Susan Napier (19) 33 pts. B. Merle Rantall (24) 39 pts. from Cheryl Hill (29) 36pts. C. Mavis Schrama (45) 40pts from jill Philippe (38) 39pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th D. O’Keefe. 8th J. Philippe. 11th H. Greene. 15th H. Rix.
Ball comp. to 34 pts.

Riddell Cup Final
Winners: John O’Sullivan, three round total 210 nett, from John Boromeo 214 nett.

Locket Trophy Final
Winners: Kevin Cameron and Malcolm Habel defeated Kevin Johnson and Bill Millard 5 and 4.

Chicken Runs

Wednesday 31 August: Ken Fenwick 18 pts.
Friday 2 September: Ken Fenwick.

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