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Saturday 31 August. 4BBB Stableford.
ACR 72. 118 Players.
Winners: Nathan Rice (23) and Kain Walker (12) 49 pts from Nick Porter (26) and John Pulling (20) 47 pts. 3rd. Paul Glynn (14) and Gerard Cashill (16) 45 pts. Women/Mixed. Joanna Flaherty (7) and Di Robinson (9) 40 pts.
Nearest the Pins: 4th Rex Grady. 8th Paul Williams. 11th John Pullling. 15th Di Robinson. 13th (2nd shot) Kevin Leddin. 18th (3rd shot) Darren Williams. Superpin: Jim Lewis. Eagles Nest: Jackpot. Ball Comp. to 42 pts.

Wednesday 28 August. Pro Comp. Stableford.
CCR 72. 65 Players.
Winner: Daryl O’Neill (20) 40 pts from Steve Greenwood (13) 39 pts on count back.
Nearest the Pins: 8th Gerard Gleeson. 11th Bob Crispe. Superpin: Gerard Gleeson. Ball Comp. to 33 pts.

Women. Thursday 29 August. Star of the West Monthly Medal. Stroke.
ACR 73.
Winners: A grade H Wake (21) Nett 68 from Di Grieves (21) Nett 71
B Grade Jean Wilson (24) Nett 69 from The General J Austin (23) Nett 75
C Grade B Mahony (35) Nett 74 from P Pennings (33) Nett 76.
Best Putts Jean Wilson 29 Putts
Best Gross J Rasmussen and H Wake 89
Nearest the Pin:   8th. J Rasmussen  11th. H Rix  15th. H Rix



Wednesday 21 August
ACR 72 56 Players
Winners Adrian Crozier 38 pts on Countback from Peter Langley 38 pts
Nearest the Pin: 8th P (Wally) Sheehan 11th Colin Greene. Super Pin Wally Sheehan
Ball Comp to 30 pts.

Thursday 22 August. Ladies Ambrose
ACR 73.
Winners: J Rasmussen, Di Grieves, M Anscombe and R Hasell Nett 63 3/8
from M Rantall, M Hoy, R Hose & D Hughes 65 6/8
Nearest the Pin: 8th H Rix. 11th J Thompson 11th H Wake 15thJ Thompson.

Saturday  24 August. Stableford.
ACR 72.  105 Players.
Winners: A.Mark Jenkins (42) from John Smith (41) B. Peter Smith (40) from Bruce Leishman (39) C. Ian Wood (45) from Phil Laird (40)
Ladies. Joanna Flaherty (39) from Geri Dalton (33). Juniors. Fraser Marris (33) from Matt Cameron (28
Nearest the Pin: 4thJohn Boromeo. 8th Nathan Bant (Superpin). 11th Nathan Bant 15th Barry Levinson. 13th (2nd shot) Mark Jenkins. 18th (3rd shot) Kevin Cameron. Eagles Nest: Aaron Finnigan (2ndHole) Rex Grady (6th Hole)
Ball Comp to 36 pts.

Sunday 25 August Social Club Day 17 players
Mens Winner Neil Cahill +1 from Luke Dwyer (square)
Ladies Winner Anne Eccles -3 from Beryl Duncan -4
Nearest the Pin: 4th C Greene 8th C Greene 11th M Rantall 15th L Dwyer & B Duncan18th (3rd shot) L Dwyer.

Monday 26 August Veterans 39 players
Winners A – N Read (38) From G Smith (35)
B grade –I Abrahams (37) on C/b from K Haberfield 37
Nearest the Pin: 4th B Porra 8th I Abrahams11th E Mclaren15thR Mathews.


RESULTS FOR AUGUST 15 to 17 2013

Saturday 17 August. Stableford.
ACR 72.  84 Players.
Winners: A. Rod Maher (9) 37 pts on count back from Chris Dunn (+1) 37 pts. B. Chris Roberts (17) 36 pts from Phil Laird (18) 31 pts on count back. C. John Harris (23) 36 pts from Paul Hay (22) 34 pts.
Women: Joanna Flaherty (7) 35 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Matt Cameron. 8th David Brown. 11th Craig Bramley. 15th Phil Laird. 13th (2nd shot) Paul McNamara (in hole). 18th (3rd shot) Craig Bramley. Eagles Nest: Paul McNamara 13th. Ball Comp to 32 pts.

Thursday 15 August. Women. Stroke.
ACR 73.
Winners: A. Di Grieves 95 (21) 74 from Jane Thompson 93 (18) 75. B. Pauline Pennings 105 (33) 72 from Helen Greene 104 (27) 77.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Helen Rix. 11th Helen Greene. 15th Gail Lowen. Ball comp to nett 80.



Saturday 10 August. Par.
ACR 72. 119 Players.
Winners: A.Wayne Jenkins (13) plus 5 from Michael Hunt (10) plus 2. B. Leon Cook square on count back from Roger Wake square. C. Noel Read (19) plus 3 from James MacKirdy (25) plus 1.
Women: Cathy Wagg (34) square from Karan Smith (21) minus 1. Juniors: Joanna Flaherty 97) minus 3.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Brendan Rix. 8th Luke Dwyer. 11th Peter Smith. 15th Glenda Clarke (Hole in One). 13th (2nd shot) Daniel Smith. 18th (3rd shot) Ben Goodall.
Superpin: Luke Dwyer. Eagles Nest: Ben Goodall 12th, Joanna Flaherty 12th and Glenda Clarke 15th. Ball Comp. to minus 2.

Wednesday 7 August. Pro Comp. Stableford.
ACR 72. 16 Players.
Winners: Adrian Crosier (20) 35 pts from Brendan Rix (8) 33 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Harry Bracegirdle. 11th Ron King. Superpin: Bernie King. Ball Comp. to 30 pts.

Thursday 8 August. Irish Stableford. Anti Cancer Day.
ACR 73. 45 Players.
Winners: Ros Saunders, Belle Pitman and Helen Dwyer 86 pts from Judy Austin, E. O’Neill and Judy Stephens 81 pts. 3rd. Anne Eccles, Gail Lowen and Helen Greene 77 pts.




Saturday 3 August. Stroke. IGA CCMM.
ACR 72. 52 Players.
Winners: Noel Read 92 (19) 73 from Graham King 82 (8) 74 and John Harris 99 (23) 76.
Women: Joanna Flaherty 87 (7) 80.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Linda Creek. 8th Graham King.11th Wayne Jenkins. 15th Danny Smith. 13th (2nd shot) Andrew Dwyer. 18th (3rd shot) Danny Smith. Superpin: Graham King. Eagles Nest: Jackpot. Ball Comp. to 82 Nett.

Wednesday 31 July. Pro Comp. Stableford.
ACR 72. 75 Players.
Winners: James O’Keefe (26) 39 pts on count back from Xavier McCartney (2) 39 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Rex Grady. 11th Colin Hurford. Superpin: Rex Grady. Ball comp to 33 pts.

Thursday 1 August. Women. Stableford. 2BBB.
ACR 73. 43 Players.
Winners: Anne Dwyer and Jenny Clarke 44 pts from Kaye Patterson and Judy Austin 41 pts.
Best Individual Score: Di Grieves 34 pts from Merle Rantall 34 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Judy Stephens. 8th Jill Rasmussen. 11th Nicki Atkinson 15th Helen Wake. Ball Comp to 38 pts.

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