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Thursday and Friday November 28 & 29
Moyneyana Senior Classic was held with a fantastic turnout of 100 golfers.  Whilst unfortunately the weather wasn’t at its best the players were and a fantastic time was had by all.

Saturday November 30th. 4B PAR
ACR 72. 117 Players
Winners: A Eddie Hoy +6 from Garry McCosh with +4. 
B Kevin Haberfield +1 from Phil Laird +1.
3rd Steve Engle Hart -1 and Mick Miller with a +4.
Mixed: Leo Carey, Square.
Juniors: Jo Flaherty +3
Nearest the Pins: The Super Pin went to Kevin Leddin then 4th Peter Smith, 8th Dylan O’Keeffe, 11th Russell Helman, 15th Richard Walter, 13th (2nd Shot) Leigh Fary, 18th (3rd Shot) Craig Bramley.
Ball Comp to -1 Combined.

Wednesday 27th November 2013, Stableford, Pro Comp.
ACR 72, 87 Players.
Winner: Daryl O’Neill (19) 42 pts on count back from Rod Coutts (14) 41 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Harvey Webb, 11th Neil Cahill, Superpin Peter Smith.  Ball comp to 34 pts.



Saturday 23 November. Stableford.
ACR 72. 66 Players.
Winners: A. Michael Hunt (9) 39 pts on count back from Nathan Bant (10) 39 pts.
B. Ross Manniche (20) 33 pts from Barry McCosh (20) 32 pts.
C. Tony Eccles (17) 37 pts from Paul McMamara (15) 32 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Paul Williams. 8th Rex Grady. Eagles Nest: Jackpot. Superpin: Rex Grady. Ball comp to 32 pts.

Wednesday 20 November. Stableford. Pro Comp.
ACR 72. 70 Players.
Winners: Sandy MacKirdy (33) 39 pts on count back from Pepe Cavalieri (16) 39 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th John Nottage. 11th Harvey Webb. Superpin: John Nottage. Ball comp to 30 pts.

Thursday 21 November. 1st Round Maureen Leishman Summer Cup.
Cancelled due to inclement weather.

Tuesday 19 November. 4BBB Stableford. 3 Best Scores.
ACR 73. 56 Players.
Winners: Gail Lowen, Rosalie Bunge, Jill Millard and Kathy Miller 118 pts from Judy Stephens, Denise Harman, Pam Brebner and Helen Rix 116 pts.
Nearest the Pin:  4th Anne Dwyer. 8th C. Ezzy. 11th Denise Harman. 15th Sue Woodhouse.

Monday 25 November. Veterans. Stableford.
ACR 73. 36 Players.
Winners: A. Ray Matthews (15) 40 pts from Peter Meade (16) 39 pts. B. Clive Gavin (18) 38 pts from Maurice McNamara (28) 37 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Kevin Johnson. 8th Kevin Johnson. 11th Ralph Ludeman. 15th Bob Dwyer. Ball Comp to 25 pts.



Saturday 16 November. Stableford.
ACR 72. 123 Players.
Winners: A. Chris Nolan (13) 38 pts on count back from Anthony Wright (12) 38 pts.
B. Peter Smith (17) 45 pts from Paul Hickman (16) 43 pts.
C. Michael Wagg (19) 40 pts from John Harris (23) 39 pts.
Women: Karan Smith (18) 39 pts from Lynn Bryden (21) 37 pts on count back.
Juniors: Matt Cameron (9) 35 pts from Fraser Marris (15) 33 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Nathan Robinson. 8th Shane Gurnett. 11th Greg Kelly. 15th E. Bell. 13th (2nd shot) Aub Lake. 18th (3rd shot) Zeb Armstrong. Eagles Nest: Jackpot. Superpin: Shane Gurnett. Ball comp to 34 pts.

Wednesday 13 November. Stableford. Pro Comp.
ACR 72. 69 Players.
Winners: Kevin Garton (21) 39 pts from Hank Moritz (19) 38 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Rex Grady. 11th Hank Moritz. Superpin: Rex Grady. Ball comp to 30 pts.

Thursday 14 November. One Score BB Stableford.
ACR 73. 46 Players.
Winners: Bev Bourke, Mavis Schrama, Di Grieves and Di Officer 55 pts from Peg Nitschke , Karen Conlan, Pauline Pennings and Sue Woodhouse 48 pts.
Nearest the Pin:  4th A. Madden. 8th Di Grieves. 11th Kaye Patterson. 15th Ros Bromell.
Ball comp to 39 pts.

Monday 18 November. Veterans. Aggregate Stableford. Pairs.
ACR 73. 38 Players.
Winners: Darryl O’Neill and Rod Coutts 78 pts from Hank Moritz and B. Moritz 77 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th M. Ray. 8th Ralph Ludeman. 11th Ron King. 15th Peter Smith. Ball Comp to 67 pts.



Shipwreck Coast Classic. 36 Holes. Warrnambool and Port Fairy Golf Clubs.
218 Players.
Winners: A Grade Men: Scratch Brian MacKenzie –Wbool (3) 147 from Todd Morgan – Curlewis (+1) 152. Handicap: Nathan Robinson– Wbool 153 (4) 145.
B Grade Men: Will MacKenzie – Wbool 70 pts from Travis Jack – Cape Schank 66 pts.
C Grade Men: Mark Cowdrey – 13th Beach 75 pts from Gerard Billington –Wbool 74 pts.
D Grade Men: Darren Smith – Port Fairy 74 pts from Brian Parke – Croydon 69 pts.
A Grade Women: Marion Venn – Terang 66 pts from Sandy Whittle – Headland 61 pts on count back.
B Grade Women: Dana McLean – Heidelberg 74 pts from Kerri McKenna – Pakenham 67 pts.

Saturday 9 November. Stableford.
ACR 72. 104 Players.
Winners: A. Michael Hunt (9) 39 pts from Ian Bolden (13) 38 pts. B. Darren Bryden (15) 37 pts from Bob Handby (18) 36 pts. C. John Chittick (24) 39 pts from Con Crowe (23) 38 pts.
Women: Georgia Bryden (26) 34 pts on count back from Denise Harman (20) 34 pts on count back.
Juniors: Lindsay Bryden (45) 29 pts from Noah Best (21) 28 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Garry McCosh. 8th Brendan Rix. 11th Paul Carter. 15th Brad Hewitt. 13th (2nd shot) Michael Hunt. 18th (3rd shot) Leigh Fary. Eagles Nest: Laurie Keane 2nd hole. Superpin: Brendan Rix. Ball comp to 33 pts.

Wednesday 6 November. Stableford. Pro Comp.
ACR 72. 75 Players.
Winners: Adrian Jones (22) 42 pts from Tony Revell (15) 40 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Kadir Zehir. 11th Rod Coutts. Superpin: John Nunn. Ball comp to 34 pts.

Thursday 7 November. Texas Scramble.
ACR 73. 26 Players.
Winners: Di Grieves, Beryl Duncan, Pauline Pennings and Peg Nitschke 651/8 from Helen Greene, Kaye Conlan, Cathy Wagg and Helen Rix 661/4.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Beryl Duncan. 11th Pauline Pennings. 15th Carmel O'Keefe.

Thursday 7 November. Medal of Medallists Playoff.
Jan Willey 102 (28) 74 defeated Jane Thompson 95 (19) 76.

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