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Wednesday  May22. Pro Comp. Stableford.
ACR 72.  Players.70
Winner: G Carbury 40 points won C/B Nottage J 40 points. 3rd N Cahill 39 on C/B
Nearest the Pin: 8thJ Nunn. 11th J Nitschke. Superpin: J Nunn
Ball Comp 34+

Thursday 23 May. Ladies Par & 3rd Round Captains Trophy CCR 73 (29 Players)
A Grade Winner P Nitschke +6  Runner up B Duncan Square
B Grade Winner E O’Neil Square N Eldridge -1 (C/B)
Nearest the Pin: 4th S Woodhouse 11th B Mahony 15th P Nitschke.
Ball Comp to -1.

Saturday 25 May4BBB Stroke ACR N/A.  120 Players.
Winners: A.S Lilley(21) & W Jenkins (13) 59 2nd K Haberfield(28) & W Jenkins(13) 61 3rd B Waixel(13) & M Holmes (16)62..
Women: H Bacon(15)& S Woodhouse (32) 68.
Nearest the Pin: 4th E McLaren. 8th M Romane. 11th D Smith. 15th A Dwyer 13th (2nd shot)M Cameron. 18th (3rd shot) B Hewett. Superpin: M Romanes. Ball comp to 67 nett.

Monday 27 May. Veterans Stableford
CCR 72 31 Players
Winners A Grade A Lake (11) 42 points on C/B from K Johnson (9)
B Grade I Hamilton (30) 41 points from G Carbury (20) 40 points
Nearest the Pin: 4th J Giblin. 8th K Johnson 11th J Giblin. 15th G Carbury. Ball comp A Grade 32c/b B grade 30 C/b.

Chicken Runs
Friday 17 May: Ian Hamilton 15 pts.


RESULTS FOR 15 to 19 MAY 2013

Wednesday 15 May. Pro Comp. Stableford.
ACR 72.  Players. 7 hardy souls played in very wet conditions
Winner: Jake Spada 29 points
Nearest the Pin: 8th B Williamson. 11th D Chapman. Superpin: B Williamson

Thursday 16 May. Moyneyana House Ladies Charity CCR 73 (104 Players)
Winning team P Nitschke, V Johnstone, H Haberfield, A Walsh (113 points)
Runners Up B McGrath, J Kerr, C Wagg, H Rix (106 Points)
Nearest the Pin: 4th N Aitkinson (PFGC) L Heard (Willaura). 8th V Johnstone (PFGC) S Morse ( Grampians) . 11th D Harman(PFGC) J Kerr(Warrnambool). 15th G Lowan (PFGC) L Cole (Warrnambool).

Saturday 18 May. Par
ACR 72.  140 Players.
Winners: A. Ken Jones (8) +6  from Steve Chapman (10) +4. B. Bruce Leishman (15) +3  from Barry Kaine (16) +2. C. John Boumann (28)+3 fromScott Lilley +2. Women: Helen Bacon(16) Square on countback from Karan Smith (24) . Juniors: Matt Cameron (11) Square on countback from Fraser Marris (16).
Nearest the Pin: 4th Bruce Leishman. 8th Bob Crispe. 11th Bevin Williamson. 15th Herb Barlow. 13th (2nd shot) Steve Chapman. 18th (3rd shot) Michael Hunt. Superpin: Bob Crispe. Ball comp to -1.

Sunday 19 May Social Club Donohue Day – Mixed Pinehurst
Winners: Nett- Chris Roberts & Lyn Bryden (65 3/8) from Louise and Matt Cameron (70 3/8)
Scratch - Winners Andrew & Anne Dwyer (75) from Luke Dwyer and Fiona Carroll (79)
Nearest the Pin: Men 4th Roger Wake 8th Rod Maher 11th Evan McLaren 15th P Woodhouse
Nearest the Pin: Women 4th Fiona Carroll 8th Lyn Bryden 11th Louise Cameron 15th Rebecca Bryden

Chicken Runs
Friday 17 May: Ian Hamilton 15 pts.



Saturday 11 May. Stableford.
ACR 72.  140 Players.
Winners: A. Jake Spada (7) 37 pts from Shane West (11) 36 pts on count back. B. Stuart Blignaut (15) 38 pts from Neil Lowe (16) 37 pts on count back. C. Charles Povey (21) 37 pts on count back from Richard Walter (23) 37 pts. Women: Edna Halliwell (25) 38 pts from Marlene Hoy (35) 33 pts. Juniors: Noah Best (25) 35 pts from Fraser Marris (16) 34 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Nathan Bant. 8th Fraser Marris. 11th Gavin Nunn. 15th Nathan Bant. 13th (2nd shot) Adrian Jones. 18th (3rd shot) Shane Gurnett. Eagles Nest: Peter McMillan 6th. Superpin: Fraser Marris. Ball comp to 32 pts.

Wednesday 8 May. Pro Comp. Stableford.
ACR 72. 82 Players.
Winner: Sam Wilson (19) 38 pts from Hank Moritz (16) 37 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Jake Spada. 11th Bernie King. Superpin: Jake Spada. Ball Comp to 32 pts.

Thursday 9 May. Women. Stableford. 4th Round Silver Spoon.
ACR 73. 48 Players.
Winners: A. Jill Rasmussen (16) 39 pts from V. Johnstone (18) 38 pts. B. Ruth Walter (23) 33 pts from Edna Halliwell (25) 31 pts. C. D. Barker (31) 34 pts on count back from Geraldine Dalton (32) 34 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th K. Ezzy. 8th V. Johnstone. 11th Judy Stephens. 15th Denise Harman. Ball comp to 31 pts.

Monday 13 May. Veterans. Stableford.
ACR 72. 23 Players.
Winners: Clive Gavin (19) 34 pts from Hank Moritz (15) 32 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Glenn Smith. 8th John Nitschke. 15th Glenn Smith. Ball comp to 25 pts.

Chicken Runs
Wednesday 8 May: Norm Preston 18 pts.
Friday 10 May: Neil Cahill 18 pts.




Saturday 4 May. Stroke. IGA Captain’s Cup and Monthly Medal.
ACR 72.  122 Players.
Winners: A. Glen Mahony 77 (8) 69 from Brendan Rix 80 (10) 70. B. Rory Quigley 84 (18) 66 from Chris Politis 89 (17) 72 on count back. C. Angus Baulch 91 (24) 67 from Peter Jackson 97 (27) 70.
Women: Peg Nitchske 92 (21) 71 from Louise Cameron 94 (20) 74. Juniors: Matt Cameron 84 (12) 72 from Joanna Flaherty 81 (6) 75.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Barry McCosh. 8th Caz Demeye. 11th Rex Grady. 15th Ben Goodall. 13th (2nd shot) Troy Richardson. 18th (3rd shot) Troy Richardson. Eagles Nest: John Nitchske 2nd. Superpin: Leigh Fary. Ball comp to 74 nett.

Wednesday 1 May. Pro Comp. Stableford.
ACR 72. 75 Players.
Winner: Tiger Wettenhall (26) 39 pts from Neil Cahill (12) 37 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 8th Bill Leddin. 11th Kadir Zehir. Superpin: Bill Leddin. Ball Comp to 30 pts.

Thursday 2 May. Women. Four Person Ambrose.
ACR 73. 33 Players.
Winners: Jill Philipe, Helen Rix, Jill Rasmussen and Judy Stephens 623/4 from Carmel O’Keefe, Helen Wake, Ruth Walters and S. Woodhouse 633/4 on count back.
Nearest the Pin: 4th Jill Rasmussen. 8th Vi Fenwick. 11th Carmel O’Keefe. 15th Karen Conlan. Ball comp to 641/4.

Chicken Runs
Wednesday 1 May: Neil Cahill 20 pts.
Friday 3 May: Neil Cahill 13 pts.

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