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Latest results


Winner - R Mathews 40 points

R/U - E McLaren 38 points

3rd - A Duncan 37 points c/b


Winners - I Abrahams/A Rochfort 50 points

R/U - E McLaren/B Porra 43 points c/b


Winner - G McCosh 36 points

R/U - M Byron 35 points c/b

3rd - D O'Neill 35 points


Winners - G King/C Gavin 70 points

R/U - G Smith/I Abrahams 68 points


Winners - C Gavin/G Smith 66 points

R/U - E Hoy/J Lowe 57 points


A Grade

Winner - B Williamson nett 64 points

R/U - D Chapman nett 70 points c/b

B Grade

Winner - J Lowe nett 67 points

R?U - A Donald nett 71 points c/b


Winner - D Chapman 38 points c/b

R/U - E McLaren 38 points

3rd - M Smith 36 points c/b


Winner - B Stewart 43 points

R?U - R Robertson 42 points c/b

3rd - R Maher 42 points c/b


Winners - R Coutts/D O'Neill 39 points

 A Grade

Winner - G King 39 points

R/U - R Maher 37 points

B Grade

Winner - I Abrahams 37 points c/b

R/U - G Carbury 37 points


Winners - G King/G McCosh nett 66.75 points


Winner - K Garton nett 70 points c/b

R/U - J Walters nett 70 points c/b

3rd - A Donald nett 70 points


Winner - B Porra 43 points

R/U - A Duncan 42 points

3rd - G Jessen 40 points


Winners - R Bevan/T Richardson 72 points


Winner - R Mathews 40 points

R/U - R Maher 38 points c/b

3rd - G McCosh 38 points


Winners - G King/R Bevan 70 points


Winner - B Stewart 42 points

R/U - C Eales 41 points

3rd - G Smith 39 points

Winners - R Bevan/J Walters/G King 55 1/4 points

There were 123 players on a day that was pretty good for golf, albeit a bit chilly.

A Grade winner - Rod Maher with 40 pts from MIchael Romanes with 39

B Grade winner - Russell Helman with 42 big pts from Neil Cahill with 39

C Grade winner - Tom Ellis with 39 pts from Garry Aggett with 37

Women winner Sue Sambell with 39 pts from Luoise Cameron with 37

Juniors - Levi Ellis - first time up with 25 pts, well done and keep it up.


1st Di Robinson, 4th Nicki Campbell, 8th Trevor Carr, 11th Bob Crispe, 13th Graham King,

15th Luke Dwyer - Superpin Trevor Carr $79

Ball Comp down tp 34 pts 

Ladies Club Champions

Well done Ladies! Pictured left to right B Grade Champ Helen Rix, A Grade Champ Diana Robinson and C Grade Champ Chris Hayes.

Congratulations to Marion Venn, Maureen Bond and Vicki Philp for winning the Jean Whitehead Bowl for 2015, a great result in especially trying conditions, well done ladies.

Well done to Harvey Webb for his Hole in One today on the 4th, nice work!!

Winners were the Presidents!!

See below for the Draw for the Alec Calvert Junior Open

To be held on Sunday July 6th 2014

4BBB Stableford- ACR 72. 120 Players. Winner Keith Warburton (12)
ACR 72. 160 Players. Winners Men A Darren Williams B. Ron Wiber C. Tony Eccles Women: Helen Mahony Juniors: Fraser Marris
Stableford. ACR 72. 99 Players Winner Alex O'Donahue (17) 43 pts.
ACR 72. 90 Players. Winners: Francis Keane (20) 44 pts from Barry Kaine (16) 43 pts.
Women. Par. 2nd Round Captain’s Trophy. Winners A. Sally Clark B. Julie Carter C. Sue Woodhouse
Veterans Stableford Winners: A. Bob Dwyer 39 pts B. Alex Rochford 42 pts

Stableford Winners:Men's: A. Luke Dwyer B. David McCosh C. Danny Warner
Women: Linda Creek
Juniors: Chris Roberts

Charity Day Stableford, Teams of Four Winners:
Helen Rix, Glenda Clarke, Vicki Johnstone and Heather Haberfield 126 pts
Stableford Pro Comp Winner: John Hall
Stroke Monthly Medal Winners:
Men's A. Kurt Buchanan 66 B  Leon Cook 67 C. Kevin Haberfield 66
Women's:  Jill Rasmussen 70
Juniors: Noah Best 69
Women's Championship Winners: A. Jo Flaherty B. Jane Thompson C. Anne Eccles

Pro Comp Winner - Maurice McNamara on 39

These are the Women's Results for 26 to 31 March 2014.

Thursday 27 March - A. Anne Dwyer 78 (8)  B. Anne Eccles 98 (30)  C. Di Officer 108 (38)

Saturday 29 March -  Helen Mahony (40)

Veterans 4BBB Par Winner:  Bob Dwyer
Saturday 29 March. Stableford. ACR 72.
Juniors: Matt Cameron (9) 37 pts from Chris Roberts (13) 37 pts.
Stableford Winners:
Men's A. Kevin Cameron B. Terry Hadden C. Jim Giblin
Women: Helen Mahony
Juniors: Matt Cameron

Star of the West Monthly Medal Winners:A. Anne Dwyer 78 B. Anne Eccles 98 C. Di Officer 108

Pro Comp Stableford Winner:  Peter Mitchem 45 pts
Police and Community Day Stroke - Four Person Ambrose Winners:  Glenn Wilkinson, Damian Gleeson, Peter Sedgley and Greg Albion 64
Saturday 4BBB Par Winners: 
Men: Stephen Ager  Women/Mixed: Claire Brennan and Suellen Eskrigge
Wednesday Pro Comp Winner Robert Gregg

Championship Leaders Round 1.

  1. Joanna Flaherty 74, Di Robinson 83, Anne Dwyer 84.

  2. Denise Harman 92, Jane Thompson 93, Di Grieves 95.

  3. Lesley Hamilton 105, Rhonda Hasell 106, Jeanie Armstrong 107.

Veterans Stableford Winners:  A. John Rahilly  B. Jim Giblin
Saturday 15 March. Stableford.
Juniors: Chris Roberts (14) 31 pts from Cooper Gill (3) 28 pts.
Stableford 15 March Winners
Men's A. Les Lathwell B. Darren Smith C. John Pulling
Women's:  Karan Smith
Juniors: Chris Roberts
Singles Knock Out Winner:  Beryl Duncan
Stableford Winners A. Di Grieves, B. Ruth Walker C. Chris Hayes
Stableford Pro Comp Winner Graeme Voight
Jean Whitehead Bowl Team of 3 Winners:  Carol Bennett, Debbie Rix and Fay Rundle of Cobden
Saturday 8 March, Par Comp
Juniors – Winner Chris Roberts +2  Noah Best +1
Par Comp Winners: 
Men's A. Steve Uebergang B. Peter Nyikos C. Rod Dunstone
Women: Edma Halliwell
Juniors:  Chris Roberts
Ladies Comp 1st Round of Captains Trophy
Winners:  A. Beryl Duncan, B. Helen Greene, C. Di Officer
Stableford Pro Comp Winner:  Glenn Wilkinson
Veterans 4B Aggregate Stableford Winner:  John Nitschke
Saturday 1 March. Stroke. IGA CCMM.
Juniors: Fraser Marris 93 (14) 79 from Rebecca Bryden 100 (18) 82.
IGA CCMM Stroke Winners:
Men's A. Don Lymer B. Paul Glynn C. Ian Abrahams
Women: Helen Bacon
Juniors: Fraser Marris

Star of the West Monthly Medal.  2nd Round Silver Spoon Winners: A. Eda Ritchie B. Julie Carter C. Lesley Hamilton

Pro Comp Stableford Winner:  Bernie King
Veterans Stableford Winners:  A. Jim McGeechan 41 pts B. Jim Giblin 43 pts
Stableford Winners:
Men's A. Aaron Finnigan 40 pts B. Cameron Sewell 41 pts C. Nick Porter 46 pts
Women: Peg Nitschke 35 pts
Juniors: Noah Best 33 pts
Saturday 22 February. Stableford.
Juniors: Noah Best (17) 33 pts from Fraser Marris (14) 27 pts.
4BBB Stableford Winner:  Helen Wake and Jan Willey 41 pts
Stableford Pro Comp Winner:  Darly O'Neill 41 pts
PFGC Championships Final
Winners Gross:  A. Chris Dunn 291 B. Fraser Marris 350 C. Richard Chapman 346
Winners Nett:  A. Aaron Finnigan 208 B. Neil Cahill 217 C. Richard Chapman 199
PFGC Championships Final Junior Boys Winner Gross:  Matthew Camerson 244
Stroke Winners:
Men's A. Steve Uebergang B. Dick Chapman C. Damian Kileen
Women:  Eda Ritchie
Juniors: Noah Best
Saturday 15 February. Stroke.
Juniors: Noah Best 92 (18) 74 from Matt Cameron 82 (7) 75.
Women's Stableford - 1st Round Silver Spoon Winners:
A. Helen Rix 39 pts B. Helen Greene 35 pts C. Helen Dwyer 36 pts
Men's Pro Comp Stableford Winner:  Nick Porter 43 pts
Veterans 4BBB Stableford Winner:  Bob Dwyer and John Walters
Winners 4BBB: Bob Dwyer and John Walters

3rd Round Men's Club Championships DRAW


DOWNLOAD the Draw for the 3rd Round on Saturday 15 February here.

Men's Club Championship 2nd Round Leaders:
A. Chris Dunn B. Neill Cahill C. Richard Chapman
Please find the results for the 2nd round here (pdf document)
Mixed Stroke IGA CCMM Winners:
Men's A. Ashley King  B. Bud Chapell C. Dick Chapman
Women: Di Robinson
Juniors: Matt Cameron
Saturday 8 February. Stroke. IGA CCMM. 2nd Round Men’s Club Championship.
Juniors: Matt Cameron 78 (8) 70 from Fraser Marris 86 (14) 72.
Maureen Leishman Summer Cup Winners:  Elaine O'Neill
A. Bev Bourke B. Elaine O'Neill C. Rhonda Hassell
Women's Stableford Odds and Evens Winners:
A. Jill Millard 37 pts B. Edna Halliwell 35 pts C. Di Officer 38 pts
Pro Comp Stableford Winner:  Lee Priest
1st Round PFGC Men's Championship Leaders:
A. Scott Boschen B. Neill Cahill C. Richard Chapman
Stroke IGA CCMM Winners:
Men's A. Warwick Taylor B. David McCosh C. Sam McCosh
Women: Cathy Wagg
Juniors: Georgia Bryden
Saturday 1 February. Stroke. IGA CCMM.
ACR 72. 180 Players.
Juniors: Georgia Bryden 90 (19) 71 from Chris Roberts 86 (14) 72.
Men's Pro Comp Stableford Winner:  John Hall

Moyneyana Open 27 Hole Event Winner:

Over all Club Champion Chris Dunn with 108!

Maureen Leishman Summer Cup Winners:
A. Bev Bourke  B. Julie Carter  C. Cathy Wagg

Stableford Winner:  Robert Gregg 44
Saturday 18 January. Stableford.
Juniors: Noah Best (20) 36 pts.

Stableford Winners:
Men's A. Brendan Rix 43 pts B. Nick Alexander 39 pts C. Tim Power 36 pts
Women:  Jill Lewis 39 pts
Juniors: Noah Best 36 pts
Women's Stableford 9 Holes Winners:
A. Helen Rix B. Julie Carter
Men's Pro Comp Stableford Winner:  Will Sharp
Stableford Winners:
Men's:  A. Brian Solomon B. Bruce Leishman C. Mick Byron
Women: Joanna Flaherty
Juniors: Daniel Kenna
Saturday 11 January. Stableford.
Juniors: Daniel Kenna (12) 37 pts from Fraser Marris (14) 33pts.

Women's Stableford Winners:
A. Vicki Johnstone B. Belle Pitman C. Kathy Miller
Stableford Pro Comp Winner:  David Holscher
Stableford Winners:
Men's A. Steve Chapman B. Tim Sheldon C. Josh Dwyer
Women: Geri Dalton
Juniors: Lindsay Bryden
Saturday 4 January. Stableford.
Juniors: Lindsay Bryden (45) 30 pts.

Men's Stableford Pro Comp Winner:  Chris McLaren

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